February 4th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat


Stimulated by seeing his shows on the Travel Network, and later catching one repeat of his Food Network show, I read A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines by Anthony Bourdain. I found it quite enjoyable, especially as he reports his feelings about what he eats and how he spends his time. It seems right in line with my enjoyment of Hunter S. Thompson's works, without being quite as frenetic. I can't wait to crack the next book of his on my shelf.

On the other hand, I read several chapters of the newer book by James M. Ward, called Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe, and found it much too airy and light for my taste. Somehow, the books just don't give me the suspense, not to mention not really caring about the protagonist. It just didn't stimulate me enough to finish it, and I won't be picking up any more of the series.
Dead Dog Cat

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I'm nearing the end of my first week on the new job, and things seem to be shaping up nicely. I'm not sure yet how many patient visits per day I should be shooting for, though I suspect that "more than twenty" is a proper goal, but I've been in the high teens almost every day since I started, and even on the lesser days, it's been fourteen. I've joined a very busy practice, but even so, my new senior associate and I are planting the seeds for even more work so that we are both completely employed, and will generate a solid income for the practice. I'm excited about the prospects, and enjoying the work, though I haven't been posting about it thus far.

And so stating, I'm now off to the hospitals for rounds.