February 8th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat


I like a lot of the books that Paul Doherty writes, under several noms de plume as well, but The Rose Demon: A Terrifying Tale of Medieval England wasn't the pick of the litter. I found myself not caring about the protagonist, which made it a difficult read. Only my admiration for other books by this author lead me to finish it, in the end. It starts with the War of the Roses, and then ends with Columbus.

Continuing on the reading front, I plowed my way through a pile of comics, including New Universal #3, which I'm enjoying; Squadron Supreme: Hyperion Vs. Nighthawk #1 & 2 which I like because they are showcasing the reality of what's going on in Darfur; Fell #7, which I thought was pretty solid, as its ending wasn't formulaic, not like the last several comics.

With forestcats at a meeting, after I got the trashcans out on the curb, I sat down to watch some ST:TNG from the Netflix disk from season five. I've nearly finished that year, now; I saw three of the four episodes on the disk, and was unimpressed by them, when push came to shove. One of them reminded me of the ST:TOS episode called Elaan of Troyus (which I'm probably misspelling), another vaguely reminded me of the episode with the children running rampant on board ship. Then, rather than finish the disk, when forestcats returned home, I pulled out the next disk of 24 which we proceeded to watch one episode of; ack! They're spinning slowly down the tubes. This has definitely gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.