February 12th, 2007

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A very busy day, yesterday was.

We started the day with fighting our way through rain to get to Valley Village, a portion of the San Fernando Valley, where an acquaintance of ours had opened a restaurant. In total, eleven members of our Havurah went to this place. It's called The Sandwich Bar, which is a glatt kosher fleishig restaurant; the food is spectacular, though kosher. He serves even Chinese dishes, let alone the standard Eastern European, and Eastern Mediterranean fare. Yum. While there, he rushed home to bring back his wife, and his two-week-old daughter, for all of us to meet; it was sweet.

After that, we stopped at my parents' home, for a schmooze. While there, my sister the lawyer, her husband and their two daughters dropped by. I had a chance to play with the girls for a little while, which was nice. Then, when my mother got back from her perambulations, we all went out to Versailles, a Cuban restaurant, for an early dinner. Following that, we packed up to head into Hollywood.

Last night, Dungeonmaster reopened in its new format; five shows building to a climax, followed by a Guardian of the Flame adventure, and then a short hiatus, while new scripts and new props are prepared. The show went rather well, and the adventurers succeeded in retrieving their goal. Fun, indeed.

This morning, I once more picked up a book to give it one last opportunity to stimulate me, but it failed. It's called Exodus, by Steve White and Shirley Meier. It's supposed to be a sequel to a series that White had written with David Weber; those were better, but not fantastic. Too bad.