February 15th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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A fine day for the reading, the last 24 hours have been.

First of all, I got through the last forty pages or so of Paul Doherty's book The Queen of Night, which is the latest of his Imperial Roman era mystery tales, a much better read than The Rose Demon. Not a bad series, though there are better out there, covering the era.

Next, I read two graphic novels, Y: The Last Man numbers 7 & 8, both of which were interesting. I might have to go looking for the individual comic books from that point on.

Then, I read two Osprey books, for the most part, this morning. The first was Fortress #57: The Great Wall of China 221 BC - AD 1614, which has some great photography and artwork, while the other was Campaign #78: Constantinople 1453: The End of Byzantium, which happened to be the opening of The Rose Demon, oddly enough. Both seem well-done.

After a day of lesser work, due to folks cancelling their appointments to see me at the office, I came home to a delicious dinner with forestcats, followed by watching two Cadfael adventures. The first that we watched, The Virgin in the Ice, was excellent, while the other, The Devil's Novice was still good. Nice series; we'll be seeing more of them.
Dead Dog Cat

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Home again, home again.

While waiting for the computer to boot up, I read a comic called Sam Noir: Samurai Detective #1; odd, curious, hmm.

I was a bit less productive today, what with having completed all the nursing homes for the time being. I did take some of the pressure off my associate, working in the office, by seeing a few of his patients who wanted to get out of the waiting room, and on the way home. Baby steps!