February 18th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

#17, 18

Read a couple more books of the Osprey type today:

The first was Warrior #41: Knight Hospitaller (2): 1306 - 1565, which was followed by the appropriate Fortress #16: The Fortifications of Malta 1530 - 1945, a Hospitaller holding. Both were interesting, though the latter had some fascinating fortification artwork, and seemed a bit more like something that I could use in my future gaming activities.

Then, I followed that by loose Y: The Last Man comic issues, from #49 - 52. This series remains interesting to read; I'm still behind by two issues.

We had a very good brunch meeting in reference to the new job, this morning, and we brainstormed a number of ideas, including website design thoughts, and certain advertising options. It's all been very productive, and will hopefully bear fruit.