February 19th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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I managed to complete a stack of books today, though most of them I've been reading for weeks.

First, was David Weber's new novel, Off Armageddon Reef, which was very slow to start, and then turned into a nautical novel of ships that would be standard for about the time of the Spanish Armada. It's supposed to be an SF novel, but reads more like historical fiction. Sort of.

Next was a book that my friends who are into Ren Faires might like, written by Paul Doherty, called The Secret Life of Elizabeth I. It's written as an investigation into various irregularities during her reign occurs after the demise of the first Elizabeth. Sort of.

Then I worked my way through another pile of Ospreys. I started with Fortress #39: Russian Fortresses 1480 - 1682, then moved on to Warrior #104: Tudor Knight (appropriate, considering the previous paragraph), then Fortress #56: Rome's Saxon Shore: Coastal Defences of Roman Britain AD 250 - 500, and then finishing, at last, with Fortress #40: Ancient Greek Fortifications 500 - 300 BC. The Fortress series has some really interesting artwork, showing the forts themselves, including often cutaway views.

I also dumped a book, this one being Richard Temple, by Patrick O'Brian; it's supposed to be a character study about a British agent captured by the Nazis in WWII, but it just didn't keep my interest.