February 27th, 2007

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From Friday night through most of Saturday, we were traveling; caught a red eye from Ontario to Atlanta in which I dozed, a little, and didn’t really rest at all. In the departure lounge for our gate, Atlanta to Tampa, we bumped into our friends David, siyehb and their daughter, Jessie. We joined forces, and flew into Florida. At the Tampa Airport, three of our four adults used their various laptops to access the Internet at a free hotspot next to the waiting area for buses to the ship terminal. Soon, we were taken to the vessel, (Legend of the Seas) and boarded thereafter.

I was a basket case, no joking around. Lack of sleep, and recent stresses conspired to exhaust me, and I really didn’t spend much time socializing. To bed relatively early after dinner, while we sailed.

Next day was a sea day, and we passed north, then west, then south of Cuba. I started to regain my energy, and forestcats and I spent some time in the ship’s spa for a couple’s massage. Again, to bed relatively early.

Yesterday was a tour day; we made port at Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands, British West Indies. We visited the Turtle Farm there, where they breed the local reptilian fauna that are endangered, some for release, and some for local stewpots. We followed that by a stop at a rum tasting, and then we went to Hell, a village on Grand Cayman. Last, we took a boat ten miles offshore onto a sand bar, locally known as “Stingray City”, where we got into chest-high water, and fed and petted these stingrays. The only downside to it was about a two-foot swell, that knocked us around a bit. The rays were fairly tame because of their popularity as a tourist stop. I managed to find, just before we tendered back out to the ship

Today, we warped into a dock in the middle of the Yucatan jungle, in the Quintana Roo. This is Costa Maya, an invented site, five years old, put in place for another stop in the Western Caribbean. The dock presently has three huge cruise ships tied up, including the Carnival Victory, ours, and the Norwegian Sun, from the Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian cruise lines respectively. There are some Mayan ruins, outside of town, but not close, and there’s a village a few miles away, but otherwise the jungle crowds the grounds of what is essentially a cruise line-supported shopping mall here. We bought nothing, and got back on the ship.

I’ve napped a bit, read a bit, rested a lot. I feel better.
Dead Dog Cat

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I’ve finished so far two books since my last post, the first of which is The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross, which I enjoyed greatly, (it’s about computers, magic, and British bureaucracy), and the second of which was The Year of the Cobra by Paul Doherty, which is another novel set in ancient Egypt, though this one is of a different series than last week’s; it’s also not quite as satisfying, as it’s more of a historical novel than a mystery book.