March 5th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday was pretty much a lazy day, with computer catch-up, laundry, TV, dinner, and grocery shopping most of it.

We picked the dogs up from the kennel in the afternoon, and brushette was much larger than we expected, and Barbie's paw was macerated and bleeding. She was also very weak. We suspect that she was boarded with Bru, and that the beagle ate both of their rations, leaving Barbie to weaken. Barbie's arthritis, which had been responding to treatment at home, had flared, and she can't use her back legs all that well now. We're going to have to nurse her back to health, if we can, and I expect nuclear fallout from forestcats interaction with the owner of the kennel today, especially in light of the instructions we left that Barbie needed to be fed alone.

In other news, I dumped another Patrick O'Brian novel, Testimonies; it just wasn't jelling for me, and I have more to read than this...