March 19th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Not exactly a lazy day, I spent much of yesterday doing the laundry after I got home from having my fur shorn.

However, when she got back from the quilt show, forestcats and I did spend a bit of time watching some Netflix films.

The first was Invincible, which we really enjoyed; we'd seen a chunk of it while on the cruise, but we missed much of the beginning, and all of the ending, so I moved it up our Netflix list to give it a go. Great stuff, and I was especially jazzed, since the coach in that show had led my alma mater's football team to a Rose Bowl victory while I was a student, and the coach had come to the Rally Committee annual banquet. No other coach ever did that; not even John Wooden... Vermeil was a classy guy.

The second wasn't nearly as good. We watched the David Bowie movie, The Man Who Fell to Earth; it came out in the early 70s but was much too disjoint. I think that they threw in some nudity and wild sexuality simply to sell the whole thing; it didn't really come together, and was much too long.