March 23rd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Over the last couple of days, I finished two connected graphic novels by Warren Ellis, the first being Global Frequency: Planet Ablaze, and the second being Global Frequency: Detonation Radio. Both were good, solid reads, with some interesting subtext, and I enjoyed them.
Dead Dog Cat

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Last night, we enjoyed another foray into Netflix's library, this time being the Cadfael episode The Rose Rent, which was very nice.
Dead Dog Cat

#46, 47

A couple more books done today; I'd gotten pretty far in one of them, and the other wasn't hard to read.

First was Dove Amongst the Hawks by P. C. Doherty; another historical mystery dealing with the death of Henry VI of England and how he might have been murdered. It was a solid read with interesting twists.

The second was Osprey Campaign #132: The First Crusade 1096 - 99: Conquest of the Holy Land, of whose art I was unimpressed. Most of these Ospreys have plates in them with rather spectacular artwork to illustrate aspects of the topic, but not all are created equal, and this one was truly a lesser light.

I also found that issue #4 of a particular comic was written by JMS; I picked up 1 - 4 to catch up, and found that Ultimate Power is a limited comic series with nine issues that is going to pit the Marvel universe superheroes including Fantastic Four, X-men, Thor, Spiderman, and others against the Supreme Power heroes in an interdimensional fight. I'm unimpressed thus far, but JMS has only written one issue so far, so I might just give it a little longer to show its stuff.