April 2nd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Several people added me over the last day, so I'll be defining some terms; for those of you already in the know, please try to manage your boredom.

Yesterday, my wife, forestcats, had visitors. One of the ladies who attends Jewish services with our group of friends (at various folks homes, rather than a synagogue) brought her daugher, son-in-law, and granddaughter over to our place to see our equine associates (we have two horses and a donkey in the corral in our backyard). The four-year-old rode all three, to her delight and that of her ancestors present. forestcats enjoyed herself mightily.

Later in the afternoon, I watched another episode of The Prisoner off the DVD, then I helped forestcats make several new costume pieces for the play Dungeonmaster, which we later attended.

Now, Dungeonmaster is an odd bird among plays. It's an improv act, with a new storyline each time. The play takes several volunteers from the audience, who play out the show as an adventuring group trying to complete the quest presented. The cast play the part of monsters and other characters that the adventurers meet. This can lead to hilarity, or tension, as the adventure unfolds. The show originated in the 80s in Chicago, and was very successful there. When its creator, Bruce A. Young, left for Hollywood and work in TV and films, he finally closed it down after a four-year run. My wife and I were among those who went regularly to the old show. Then, in the summer of 2001, we heard a rumor that it was going to be revived, in Santa Monica. For a long period, I played regularly as a party member, but when it had to leave Santa Monica for a smaller venue, forestcats became a co-producer to help keep it running, while I became house manager. We've held those posts since, and I no longer adventure, though watching from the audience is fun, indeed. Last night's show was very amusing, and went well; it's the fifth show in this run, and will be followed by a Guardian of the Flame episode, when the best players from the previous five episodes are called up to try to survive and complete a very difficult adventure. Those who are deemed worthy, will be given special powers for future use onstage. It should be exciting; following that show on 4/15, the show will be on a short hiatus, returning later in the summer.

Home, later in the evening after the show, and we watched The Dresden Files off the DVR, this episode being a bit better than several of the earlier episodes, probably because it gave a much better view of the Dresden character's history.

And then to bed.