April 6th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Netflix will be receiving back another disk; I finished the second disk of season 6 of ST:TNG, which wasn't all that exciting. One was again a remake of a ST:TOS episode, leaving me wondering if there's any worthy episodes left between the next five for this season, or the seven for the next?

Last night, walking brushette, we saw one neighbor's backyard filled with rabbits; the beagle was excited, and the rabbits scattered.

Through an article in the UCLA Alumni magazine, and then later via a blog here from one of my Friends, I was stimulated to access Second Life, a virtual online world, that apparently has, among other things, lecturers from various universities. I'm just barely starting, but exploration is pending. I'm having trouble modifying my avatar, though. Nothing is quite right to form the avatar into something similar to me; I may be forced to become "young"...