April 16th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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We opened yesterday with a breakfast with forestcats' half-brother and his family. It was nice to see the kids, especially Loren (sp?). Following that, we did some shopping, and then some clean-up in advance of next weekend's party.

The evening was devoted to the Dungeonmaster special show. Every once in a while, the cast put on a Guardian of the Flame episode, in which the most popular audience members are pitted against a very tough scenario intended to really test their skills. If they are deemed worthy at the end of the episode, their characters receive special status, and new powers, primarily those of healing. The episode went off very well, and the five players performed very much in character. Clash, the Punk Fairy, gained the coveted accolades, while others nearly did. I wish them good luck in the next run of the show, and it wouldn't surprise me to see most of them back on the next such show.