April 17th, 2007

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As some of you are aware, a few months back I had a sudden change in fortune, with a significant job change. There's been a few days of worry since.

Yesterday's numbers give reason for very solid hope.

I've ranged in numbers of patients seen anything from one a day to nineteen, but I feel like yesterday was a milestone; I saw twenty in a day for the first time since I joined the group, just under three months ago.

Now, I've been busier in my day. My third year in Chicago, lo, these many years ago, I used to average fifty-four. My busiest day ever, when I worked Urgent Care in La Habra on the day after Christmas, alone, I saw over two hundred patients in fourteen hours.

But this isn't for salary; I'm paid on my production, and this feels really good.

We're aiming for, and expecting growth to come, so this start is not only heartening, but portentious.

I'm smiling.

(Eight patients in three hospitals. Three patients in one nursing home. Eight patients in the office. One house call. Total, eleven hours out of the house.)