April 22nd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday was the Carnivore's Feast at our place, and it was busy, busy, busy. forestcats, as usual, produced a variety of spectacularly seasoned meats, some of which I grilled, some of which she cooked with various hardware, some done by Glenn, and some by axelicious. The meats included (not exhaustively) beef, lamb, chicken, kangaroo, musk ox, antelope, elk, caribou, turtle, salmon (thanks unwilly), tuna, mahi mahi (thanks Dave). I'm sure I forgot some. The side dishes brought by folks who attended were very much appreciated. My parents, sister, aunt and uncle attended. A large number of LJers who are on my friends list attended. Apparently 95+ people attended.

And now, I'm worn out.

But off to work for the day...