May 2nd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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I matched my best day at this job for the second day in a row, and third altogether, though this one took longer, in that I had more hospitals to work through, and I had to admit three people to the hospitals. However, it feels good to be busier.

forestcats kept GG DVRed for me, and urged me to watch while I chomped down some dinner on my return from work. It was a much more satisfactory show than had been done in the last season or two. Either they are about to let it lapse, or someone in production has finally gotten their head on right.

roadskoller and her hubby are on the Left Coast for work, and will be resting and waiting for a load until this next week, so we may have a chance to visit a bit. We'll have to rummage around the freezer, and see what we can offer up.