May 22nd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Having read bits and pieces of a couple of books, I managed to finish two yesterday:

The first one I finished was a book that I was glad that I'd read, and it carried some interesting artwork in it, but I don't think it's going to be staying in my library. It was Noa Noa, by Paul Gauguin; his journal of his stay in Tahiti. This edition included the woodcuts that he'd done there, as well. The book shows Gauguin wrestling in his mind about the conflict of European culture impacting the Polynesian, and its effects, but he doesn't seem to come to any conclusions thereby...

The second book is the first of a different series, under another nom de plume of an author I've written about here before. The nom de plume is Paul Harding, the actual author is P. C. Doherty, and this series is about a friar who assists London's coroner in medieval times with murder investigations. The first book of the series which I just finished was called The Nightingale Gallery, and it details a series of murders in and around the home of a member of the goldsmith's guild. I didn't find this one quite as good as other series by the same author, but I'm willing to give it a little while to settle in.

Worn out by not getting a good night's sleep Sunday night, when I got home from work yesterday, forestcats suggested that we go out and get some pizza; I countered by suggesting that we try one of the pizzarias that the Inland Empire magazine suggested as some of the best around. We ended up at ZPizza off the I-210 at Campus, and the pizza I ordered (the Thai) was pretty good. Might be worthy of a stop now and then. We can even order online in advance of leaving...means the pizza would be waiting, cooked, by the time we get there...