May 28th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday, I finished Red Slayer by Paul Harding, a nom de plume for Paul Doherty. This is the second of a series of medieval mystery novels involving a friar from London, as well as the coroner of same. Not a bad read. I will be continuing to read this series.

We've been busy.

Sunday started with us visiting the Claremont farmers market, where I tasted a fresh kumquat, which was surprisingly delightful. We then partook of a nice bagel in the village there. Next stop was the Pomona Fairgrounds, where we visited a huge horse auction (where my beloved was restrained from bidding by yours truly), an agility show (where we confronted a vendor who more than a year ago had taken a large sum of our money and had never delivered. We've been reimbursed now, thank goodness), and a Scottish festival, where we found a few new items of interest. Following that, forestcats took a trip to visit BooBoo, the donkey, at her boyfriend's digs, while I took an opportunity to back up our My Documents file on the desktop computer. Due to various crap, it took about four hours. *SIGH*

Today, we buzzed out of here early, though not as early as my spouse wanted, to go to Dock Weiler beach, just west of LAX airport. It happens that that beach is the only one in LA County that has firepits. Also, there had been a sewage spill late last week, but the beach had been reopened. Now, I'm not sure if it was the sewage spill, or the fact that the temperatures weren't all that high, but the beach was relatively empty, and the parking lot never really filled. We were able to get a firepit when we arrived at about 8:30, and we started cooking at it just after noon. A bit before sunset, we piled on the wood from two old pallets, along with other burnable detritus, and lit quite the bonfire; the heat radiated thirty feet away, easily. While there we were joined by several other LJers including psione, macapunohead, ladyarcana55, axelicious, 80smike, and themodeinliz as well as one other civilian. Good times.