June 2nd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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I managed to finish a couple of comics in the last few days, the first being Shaolin Cowboy #7 (still a very weird read, and rather gorey/disgusting), and Crossing Midnight #7 (now this one is urban fantasy, Japanese style, and I'm liking it very much).

I had DVRed something off of CBS, just for the option of seeing it, called Pirate Master, which turned out to be not a total waste of time. Over a dozen folks of different walks of life get some training in sailing, and they go off in a vessel to Dominica in the Caribbean to seek out the first of fourteen treasures. They get split up into two teams, and the winning team voted for a captain, who then chooses two officers. The team finds gold doubloons in the chest; $40K worth; once they've chosen a captain, he gets half, the officers get half of half, and then the boat's crew get the rest divided evenly. Then, at the end of the show, they do the "voted off" thing; the captain chooses three folks to dump, and then the crew either choose one by majority vote to go, or they can rise in mutiny, and dump the captain. On to the second of fourteen treasures next week. It was, at least, mildly amusing, and watching modern people dealing with the realities of pirate life was fairly curious. I might just keep watching...