June 3rd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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And now I've finished another graphic novel. This one is DMZ Book 2: Body of a Journalist. This is a good comic series, dealing with a world in which a new civil war breaks out in the US, and the USA and the Free States have a demilitarized (ha!) zone on Manhattan Island, within which there is a certain lawlessness and deadly peril. The comic follows a journalist who tries to post what he finds, while the powers-that-be try to manipulate him for their own purposes. Pretty solid stuff; not superhero, just plain folks.

This is the latest collection of the material, so I've started hunting up the back issues, and read DMZ #13 as well, which moves on to a new topic, sort of sassing the way that the Bush Administration uses the same contractors to "rebuild" the countries we've messed up, not to mention New Orleans...