June 10th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday was busy.

We started with services with our Havurah group at one person's home. Finishing that, we went home to do some clean-up work.

Following that, Randy, Heddie, and her son stopped by for a visit. The event was the arrival in SoCal of friends from Ohio. I grilled, and we fed them, but the Ohio crowd didn't arrive until about three and a half hours after we had expected them. Thereupon, the first group left, and then the second group hung with us. We ate some more, opened the second and third bottles of wine (including an icewine from Germany that was fruity, sweet and tasty), and then lit a bonfire in the firepit.

Both crowds enjoyed some horse time with Zoey and Yogi.

Following that, we watched the Top Chef show on the DVR pitting the best of season one against the best of season two. The show is intended to whet appetites for the season three premiere this Wednesday.

To finish the night, we watched Happy Feet, which had very nice animation, and a cute but silly story of a penguin who wasn't like all the others. The special features brought a tear to forestcats eye because they put in a special section of Steve Irwin.

Somewhere in all that, I finished another comic book. Now, I've liked Warren Ellis' works in the comic field for some time, going back to Transmetropolitan and Ministry of Space. I don't much care for various genres of comics, including the zombie stuff (whereby even Ellis' Black Gas didn't really interest me) or much of the superhero stuff (though JMS managed to excite my interest with Rising Stars and others). But Ellis' new comic Black Summer, of which I just read book #0, really does it for me, with interesting characterizations, and a very believeable situation. Look it up!