June 11th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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After a Sunday in which I was only mildly lazy, with some laundry finished, and some work on the computer done, we went to a meeting of members of our Havurah to prepare for the High Holidays in the Fall. I will be chanting a Torah portion during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur both. One of them, I used to know, and should be able to brush up quickly; the other I have to learn from scratch.

Once home, we watched the last episode of The Prisoner off the DVD, and then worked through an entire disk of season 6 of ST:TNG from Netflix. That one was ... eh ... The best episode of the four was the one where Riker meets his double, from a transporter reflection. All four of them seemed to be "me, too" episodes; two dealt primarily with Riker, one with Worf, one with Dr. Crusher. None of them excited me.

This morning, before work, we met with our accountant, to deal with estimated tax. I was relieved to realize that it's only an "estimate", and not as specific as the annual one. That's really a relief; we've sent the government their checks, and we feel better having that out of the way.