June 22nd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Another book passes by my eyes as of yesterday, this one being Ospery Men-At-Arms #428: Indian Tribes of the New England Frontier. I read most of these for general information, especially when the topic is one of which I know little, and these books usually add some tidbits to my mental files; this one doesn't disappoint in that area.

I also read another Starship Trooper: Marooned comic, this being #2; eh, at best.

In the evening, forestcats and I watched two episodes of season two of The Sopranos, leaving us but one more to finish the season. Great work. Wow, and there's four more years of stuff to go???

Just before I left for work, we caught a feral kitten in our breezeway. There's at least three more that we know of in the frontyard, but when we hunt them, they hide in the engine block of our "spare" car. They're just barely still in the age group where they can be tamed (as we are working now with their sibling), but it won't last much longer. We need several more pairs of hands to try to track them down, but I'm not forseeing it happening...

Oh, and we should attain donkey today. Should.