June 25th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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The weekend was good on the book front; I also finished reading Saturnalia, another book by Lindsey Davis, who's writings about Falco, her Imperial Roman detective, are always engaging.

Then, we got a call from one of my old staff; she's in a local hospital, just after having her first child. forestcats and I went to the hospital, sitting with her and Ariel (sp?) and her husband. Lovely little lass.

The afternoon was devoted to bread/challah baking, as we went in the late afternoon to a memorial service for a friend's father. The woman seemed comforted by everyone's presence.

After some clean-up around the house (apparently, bigsqueezer & Co. will be stopping in here in a couple of days), forestcats and I watched the concluding episode to season two of The Sopranos. Wow, again.

It appears that I'll be oncall from now until my birthday, so if anyone wants me, they'll have to come here to see me...