July 7th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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I'm pretty much in shock this morning.

Events last night were...stunning. In a negative way.

Those who've enjoyed our hospitality know that we have a number of pets; in specific, we've lately had three dogs.

Barbie has been ill, and is aging, but she's sweet, and loves forestcats to distraction.

The other two have been my wife's companions at agility trials. They've all enjoyed the activity. These two are brushette and Sirius.

Sirius had a very sudden illness yesterday; she basically collapsed. Taken to the vet, labwork was done, but there didn't seem much that could be done.

I was called while still at the hospitals, doing rounds (actually, admitting a patient), and got home as quickly as I could.

She was clearly suffering, with labored breathing, and she couldn't walk without being lifted by the mid-section. Even with help, she halted after about twenty feet.

We went to the emergency vet's, and ended her suffering.

Still brings tears to my eyes; probably will for some time to come.

I'm in shock.
Dead Dog Cat

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Only moments after I posted my earlier post, my mother called, hysterical. She had just woken up with my father next to her in bed, dead.

I'm likely to be AFK for a while, though I may log on, now and again, just as an escape.

Please, feel free to comment; anyone who knew my Dad, and would like to post memories of him is encouraged to do so. Thanks.