July 13th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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OK, I've calmed down some, now.

At shiva last evening, a fellow showed up late, carrying a cake.

He's trying to get me involved in something for which he'll get paid; it's unclear how, or if, I'll profit from it. The work area would be some 30 miles from my present area of work, but it could potentially be profitable. I've asked him for real data, rather than clouds in the sky, but he hasn't given me any.

He apparently called my work, discovered that I'd had a death in the family, and decided to schmooze me.

Had he shown up, prayed with us, and left quietly, I might have been impressed. Since he arrived late, with a gift, and then tried to talk about the possible future working relationship, I was severely offended. I politely and clearly informed him that I felt it was inappropriate to discuss anything involving work at the time. He subsequently left about 3 minutes later.

I was incensed.

His chances of coming to some accomodation with me have taken a severe downturn.