July 27th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Busy week for comic books:

First one done was Crossing Midnight #9, which carries the tale forward nicely in this Japanese environment.

Next was Black Summer #1 (I guess the other one I read from this series must have been #0) which is a very interesting piece of work, while a bit gorey.

Then it was Doktor Sleepless #1, a Warren Ellis work, which was mildly incoherent, but just barely stimulating enough that I might continue to follow it.

Then Thor #1, by JMS. No. Ends here for me.

Then the next two were new items that I decided to try. We have The Chemist, ostensibly about a fellow who works in pharmaceuticals in an odd way; I'm not too sure about it, but I wasn't too sure about picking it up in the first place, and it kept my interest all the way through, so maybe.

Finally, Hiding in Time #1, where folks protected under the witness protection program are sent back in time to hide, but a hit squad goes back for them. Interesting, science-fictiony stuff.
Dead Dog Cat

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Two books were near completion as of this morning, and I managed to finish both up:

First was another Paul Doherty novel, now under his actual name, still with the coroner of London of 1380; the book is called The Devil's Domain, and was a fair read.

The second was written by Andree Norton and Jean Rabe based a novel that Norton wrote in the late 70s based on Dungeons and Dragons (the old novel was Quag Keep), called Return to Quag Keep. I'm sorry to say that the newer book wasn't quite as good as the original. Sigh.