July 29th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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We've been blessed with my best man's kids for the weekend; my friend Jeff and his spouse are putting in new flooring, and forestcats volunteered to take care of them until Tuesday. It's been a pleasure, so far, and their bickering amuses us. I expect that it drives their parents to drink.

We lent our copies of HP7 to two of the three, while the other child has their family's copy, and so there's various times when absolute silence reigns in the house, as they all pull out copies of same. However, Rebecca has finished the book, and therefore is available for mischief.

They've played with kittens, horses, dogs and donkey; they've made bread, and ice cream, from scratch. They've helped forestcats with some work around the house. They've played with the PS2, and watched TV. Quite the vacation for them.

Last night, axelicious and themodeinliz stopped by, and we had a nice dinner, some chatting, watched the kids try to kill each other on the hammock, and then retired to the living room to play with Mike's Wii. All seven of us participated in Wii Golf, and then there were several matches of Wii Boxing, which is clearly a brilliant energy suction for overactive children. A cool item, that one.

Great evening.

I'm oncall, so I had to stay home, but the visiting kids and my spouse went down the street a few blocks to the Tiki DriveIn Theater to see the fifth Harry Potter film, as well as Transformers. They've never been to a drivein, and they wanted to see both of those films, so all's right with the world.

Not a bad weekend; the kids bring a smile to my face quite often.

Thanks Jeff and Maureen!