August 10th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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I'm going to start posting some odd recollections about my father, here and there, henceforth. It's been a month since he was buried, and I just think it's time.

If they bore folks, just pass them by. I'm using LJ in this way just for me, you see...
Dead Dog Cat

memories of Dad

For a long time, I thought all the males in my line had beards that would strip the flesh off a rhino.

See, my Dad, his grandfather, and his uncle all had these nasty, itchy beards. When I was small, kissing Dad good night could be downright dangerous.

It seemed to be coming down the Epstein line, via Dad's mother.

However, recently, I've found products that let me really get control of my beard.

I never got the chance to share my findings with Dad.

I wonder how Mom tolerated it for more than fifty years?