August 13th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Last evening, forestcats looked pretty tired out from the day's events, so I took her out to a local Italian restaurant; the food is very good, but the service wasn't quite so hot. Still, a nice time.

In the evening, we got another DVD of season three The Sopranos finished and on its way back to Netflix. These episodes aren't quite as good as the first two seasons, but I suspect that they are giving us the foundation material for future episodes. At least, I hope so.
Dead Dog Cat

memories of Dad

When I was a kid, Dad had a suede baseball jacket; at least, that was what I think that the style was called. He wore it occasionally, especially in the fall. It was a rust color; had a silk inner lining, pockets; it looked good.

By the time I was in junior high school, I had "appropriated" the item.

I wore it every day until I entered medical school. Yes, every day; I'd have it with me on hot summer days because at night, it can get cold in Southern California.

While I was away at medical school (and requiring much heavier jackets, what with winter and all in Chicago), and, seeing that the inner lining had ripped away, my mother threw the jacket out.

It took years to find a replacement; my Dad found one on one of their international perambulations (in Argentina), and bought two, one for each of us.

I wear the one he bought me occasionally; the one he kept is among the items that my mother passed on to me.