August 17th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

memories of Dad

Whenever I go to Disneyland, I picture in my mind my father walking in the Magic Kingdom with my youngest sister sitting on his shoulders, gazing out on the world over his crewcut.
Dead Dog Cat

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Last night was a bit tiring; in the early evening, we drove through McDonald's, right across from the drive-in theater, to grab a bite, and then parked in the theater. The drive-in's projector failed during the previews, and we nearly left as all the other three screens started into their films, but they finally got it running.

We watched Underdog first, which was cute, and not as overblown as I'd feared it might be, and followed that by watching Ratatouille (which I admit that I'm not certain how to spell it); this movie was typically Pixar, in that it really drew you in. Very nicely done.