August 18th, 2007


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Over the last day or so, we've managed to watch the first two disks of Firefly, because Loissa has never seen it before. She enjoyed it so much that I'm delighted that we pulled it out for her. I can see that she's going to attack her piggy bank and go dig up a copy for herself...
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Dead Dog Cat

memories of Dad

It wasn't until his demise that I learned that Dad had written poetry, and been on his High School newspaper; also, that he'd been a member of his school's Drama Club. I even have his picture in one of his annuals showing him posing with the Club.

I have to wonder how he felt about our participation in Dungeonmaster, both as players, and as behind the scenes staff? For that matter, I wonder how he felt about me having published various materials, back in the 70s and 80s, in my hobbies?

For all the time I've known him, the only hobby I've seen in him would be spectator for sports events...
Dead Dog Cat


Some weeks ago, forestcats discovered that one of my father's favorite singers was coming to town. Dad had always enjoyed Tony Bennett; when we saw that, we purchased two pairs of tickets for my parents to take a couple with them to enjoy the show. We gave these tickets to them for Mother's/Father's Day presents.

Dad didn't make it to the show; it took place this last week.

The couple that they'd invited went with my mother and another mutual friend and they very much enjoyed the show.

I am very glad, indeed. I was afraid that Mom might give up going, altogether...