August 20th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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When I finally got home last night, I took forestcats to one of the new restaurants opening up in the expanded Claremont village area. The one we finally decided on was Casablanca. Not all that good. Most of the food was under-seasoned, and greasy. Too bad.

There IS a place, there, that has fondue, but they up front recommend that you expect to spend two to three hours there for the three course meal; I think that's solid, being up front about the timing. It might be a worthy place to visit with another couple or two for a night's event.
Dead Dog Cat

memories of Dad

Dad, when I was into my teens, would take us out to dinner, now and again, to rather nice places that were in Hollywood, or West LA, or even in the San Fernando Valley, but he'd drink a martini, and maybe some wine, and he'd be hard-pressed to stay awake on the drive back.


That taught me a few things. I no longer drive when exhausted; too dangerous. forestcats and I don't mix drinking and driving; if one drinks, the other doesn't.