August 30th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night, some friends of ours took us out to the newly opened Melting Pot in Rancho Cucamonga; there was just enough food, and the conversation was pleasant and relaxing. Nice time. Expensive, though; this isn't your Denny's, by any stretch of the imagination.

While I was waiting for the other couple to be ready, I read a couple of comics; the first, Starship Troopers: Marooned Part 4 #4 was "eh", the second, The Mice Templar #1 was cute, but I didn't care for the artwork, and I don't think I'll pursue it.
Dead Dog Cat

memories of Dad

Dad tried to teach me to ride a bicycle; about once a month for quite a while...years?

He'd run with me on the bike, and then let me go, and I'd crash and burn a few feet farther on. I just couldn't seem to get the idea of how to keep my balance.

I did finally learn to ride a bike, though, much later. My mother got it in her head that enough was enough, and she took me out to the top of our driveway, and said that she'd let me take a bit of a very large chocolate chip cookie if I could keep my balance. First run, halfway down the driveway. Second run, halfway up the block. Third run, I returned home three hours later, having ridden all over the neighborhood, to find that Mom had eaten the rest of the cookie.

Dad was pleased...