August 31st, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Busy as yesterday was, I still managed to finish a book. This is the new reprint of the third book of the Prohaska series by John Biggins, called Tomorrow the World: In Which Cadet Otto Prohaska Carries the Habsburg Empire's Civilizing Mission to the Entirely Unreceptive Peoples of Africa and Oceania. Once again, it's a good read about the ficitionalized naval experiences of an officer in the Austrio-Hungarian Fleet at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

In the evening, we got out of the house and took in the film Stardust, which was cute/sweet and very much a fairy tale, done up rather nicely. It might not be worth the $ to see in a theater, but it'll be well-worth renting when it's out on DVD.
Dead Dog Cat

memories of Dad

Dad used to bring home models of human anatomy that would be gifted to him by drug companies. I specifically recall a knee model that I banged apart, and lost pieces to. However, one day, he brought a plastic stomach with a cutaway view showing an ulcer. He gave it to the elder of my sisters. One evening, just after he had returned home from what must have been a tough day at the office, I appropriated the plastic stomach, and began taunting her with it, chanting "I've got Laurel's stomach! I've got Laurel's stomach!" This lead to my father swooping down on me like the wrath of God, and a spanking proceeded from there.

I have no idea whatever happened to that model...