September 16th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Let's start with yesterday; we spent part of the evening watching two more episodes and finishing a disk of season four of The Sopranos. Interesting twists; I don't know what to make of them at the moment.

I also finished three comics over the weekend, including Fables #65, with some not terribly surprising revelations, Jack of Fables #14, which isn't really going anywhere interesting that *I* can forsee, and finally Ultimate Power #7 of 9, which is the end for me. To me, it sucks. They're pulling in superheroes from every available universe and duking it out. Horse crap. Sorry I started it.

Not that I have a strong opinion, mind you.
Dead Dog Cat

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I finished another book that I dug up in Minnesota, a signed copy of Will Shetterly's new novel, The Gospel of the Knife, a sequel to Dogland. Disappointing. He spent a very long digression in having us read what amounts to the Gospel according to Judas, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

I spent the day with my beloved; we visited with some of her friends at a dog agility show in Chino, and our presence was appreciated by the woman running her shelties. While there, I finished the above book.

Later, we went out to try a crepe place at Victoria Gardens. It was tiny, out of the way, and not obvious from the street, called Crepes de Paris. The food was good, and the service was terrible, rather like actually being there...

We did a bit of shopping, and then stopped in at the newly opened Bass Pro Shop that just recently opened at Victoria Gardens, in Rancho Cucamonga. I was astonished. The place is enormous, with vast numbers of taxidermy specimens: racoons, skunks, lynx, various deer, antelopes, mountain goats, buffalo, bear, lion, etc, etc, etc. They have a live fishing stream in the middle of the store. It's two-stories of shopping, but the building towers to about four stories high. We bought...nothing. However, I will admit to being tempted by the archery gear...and maybe the fudge.

Oh, and we get new doors tomorrow; front doors to the living room, breezeway door to the kitchen, sliding glass doors to the den. Hoorah!
Death of Rats

Another Author Demise

I've just read in several places about the death of author Robert Jordan from cardiac complications of amyloidosis. Jordan has a long-running series of fantasy novels called the Wheel of Time series; it isn't finished, though he was working on the last book on his demise. I've seen this confirmed on his own blog, on that of George R R Martin, and on Wikipedia, though I distrust the latter. I'm very much behind on Jordan's novels, but his loss will be felt in the publishing industry...
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