September 27th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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So, last night, we went into Hollywood to join with mr_curmudgeon, and the young curmudgeonette to watch a show at the Laugh Factory. In this case, it was the comedian Jon Lovitz. I've seen the fellow around, here and there, such as on commercials, and a few movies, and he was reasonably funny, but I've seen funnier acts that cost a lot less. The interesting fact was that he had mentioned how he'd grown up in the San Fernando Valley in Tarzana. Turns out that when I investigated, he was a student at the same Junior High School that I was (Portola), a couple of years behind me. What amused me even more was that he spent much of his act picking on Bob Saget, another comedian, who went to Birmingham High School, my old school, a year or so behind me. Seemed almost like old home week. Oddities.