September 29th, 2007


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Well, I've safely arrived in San Diego. I'm down here for a medical conference where it is to be hoped that I will be able to learn some new tricks for my patients' health.

En route, I stopped at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, a shop I'd never seen before, though I've bought things from them at the Los Angeles Times Book Fair at UCLA. They had a pretty good selection of new material, and a fairly large amount of signed books, but they had no used section and if it's out-of-print, you're out of luck. Still, I found four books that I hadn't seen for sale up in the Inland Empire, so I hereby cease to complain.

I ate at the hotel; the food is marginally better than Dennys. Marginally.

I had planned to watch a Netflix film that forestcats wasn't interested in seeing, but it failed to play, and so I will return it for a replacement at some point. Instead, I watched The Road to Perdition, which I found compelling, and I really like its music.

Tomorrow, I sign in at the conference, probably do my rounds through the exhibit hall for the drug companies to impress, and then some lectures. I'm not really expecting to do too much down here while I'm in the area; just not enough time, and I really don't like going wandering without forestcats.
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