October 2nd, 2007

illuminated birds

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I've seen another four former students, one of whom I taught my first year out of residency; two colleagues; one of my former professors who's also been a friend, though we've been in distant communication for some time (that 2500 miles apart, thing) at the convention today.

Been to lectures plural. Read a bit here and there. This evening, went to dinner at Molly's at the Marriot; really good meal. This was attended by the college friend, her chief resident, and a friend of the chief resident. Food and conversation were terrific; we followed the meal with me giving a impromptu seminar in headache management and the use of osteopathic manipulative treatment in same. In fact, I included a number of things that are pretty common on the left coast, but completely absent in Kentucky, because someday acupuncturists will arrive there and the young resident needs to be aware of the possibilities. Great evening.

To bed now.
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