October 7th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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I finished reading another graphic novel/tpb/comic collection called Dorothy which follows a modern Kansas girl in a very much more adult and dangerous Oz. I found it quite interesting, and I'll be seeking out the rest of the series of comics.

In fact, I had already had on hand issue #5; the tpb covers #1-4 of the series, so I read #5 as soon as I'd finished the book. Cool stuff. I think that the series is up to #7 or beyond, so I'll be hunting up the further adventures.

Some time back, forestcats and I went to the Gene Autrey Museum near the LA Zoo, and viewed their collections of memoribilia. At the time, they were showing a collection of quilts, which my beloved enjoyed, but their standard collections include a lot of Western movie items. While we wandered there, I saw some advertising material for a movie called Red Sun which starred Charles Bronson and Toshiro Mifune. Now, that was an odd combo, so I resolved to seek this one out, and watch it, though I'm not too partial to the Western genre. It turned out to be out-of-print in the US in DVD version, and everywhere I looked to find a copy in Region 1 ran $60 or more. There were regionless copies made in Brazil, but I chose not to go that route. Suddenly, last week, Netflix had a copy, and I pushed it to the front of the queue. My lady and I watched it this week, and found it pretty delightful. It really looked like Bronson and Mifune were enjoying themselves on the shoot. Go look it up; it's not worth dropping $50 on, but if you get Netflix, then you're good to go.

Oncall today; I have to get out and get back fairly early, because we want to try to get to the rodeo this afternoon...