October 20th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday afternoon, I finished another book by Paul Doherty. This one was the second book of a newish series about the female physician of Edward II's court; it takes place early in the 1300s, and deals with political murders; called The Poison Maiden. I generally like Doherty's books, but the newer ones seem a bit too wordy; he goes on and on about things that may improve the setting, but sometimes they get repetitious. Other than that, it's a pretty good read.

After work, I sat down to watch the DVD of Ghost in the Shell, which, for some reason, I got more out of than I had when I saw it on VHS. Maybe the themes escaped me then? I don't know.

I finally had a chance to stop at a small comic shop in Pomona; the guy only opens it for a couple of hours on Friday nights, and a few hours on Saturday. He had a single copy of DMZ that I was missing, so I spent much of last evening catching up on the series, reading #14 - 24. Of course, there are a lot of parallels to the war in Iraq, and for that matter to the Civil War in this series, but the author makes some telling points about it all. I find this series provocative.

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