October 21st, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Work proceeds apace.

Home from work, and I cleaned up the various items littering the floor of the den/kitchen. Between the cats and the dogs the room was a disaster; three hours work and five loads of garbage out to the trash cans, and it's now only messy.

Before I went out to work, I was in the mood to wear a certain piece of clothing. This item, a T-shirt from Cirque d'Soleil, wasn't in my closet, where I kept it. It wasn't with my other T-shirts. It wasn't with forestcats's T-shirts. It wasn't in any of the laundry baskets anywhere else in the house. So, after a couple of hours of search, as well as doing some laundry, I dressed in something else, only to find that the shirt, along with several other items, was in a bag in the breezeway; it had been put out there months ago. I'll be cleaning it, probably later today, and maybe I'll wear it next weekend.

When all the chores were done, I zoned out in front of the DVD player, watching first from Netflix the classic silent picture Battleship Potemkin, which deals with a Russian warship mutinying from their ill-treatment, in the early twentieth century, before the Bolshevik revolution. The director, Eisenstein, I gather, is known for using various storytelling techniques in the cinematography that have since become standards. It was interesting to watch, though obvious in some of its propaganda. Released in 1925. I followed that by watching This is Spinal Tap, which I first saw in its initial release on the big screen. At the time that I originally saw it, I didn't realize that Billy Crystal played in it; I now have heard Harry Shearer on the radio via KCRW, and I've heard his voice many times since. I still found it a very amusing piece of work. Finally, to finish off the night, I watched six episodes of a throwback to my teen years, ST:TAS; this was on disc one. Although production values on this animation were at best, poor, the quality of the scripts were amazingly better than most cartoon fare. Amusing, not outstanding. I'll work my way through the discs over the next few weeks, if not days.