October 23rd, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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I finished another disc of the ST:TAS, but for the most part, it was uninteresting.

The ash is giving my throat fits; scratchy and uncomfortable.

The dogs are very hyper, probably from the scent of burnt material in the air.

Equines seem fine, though.
Dead Dog Cat

(no subject)

Read today two more of the Osprey books, the first being Warrior #120: Hittite Warrior which helps me clarify a certain ancient peoples in my mind, and then I followed that with Fortress #61: Medieval Russian Fortresses AD 862 - 1480, which, as have all the other Fortress books, gives me ideas for fortified sites to use in my campaign game...whenever I finally get around to getting it back together.

The ash is falling slowly over our property; it's like a very light snowfall, for those of you in the proper climates to know what I mean. However, with an air temperature of 93 degrees F, it feels nothing like a snowy day. I am coughing a bit, being asthmatic, and recovering from a short bout of something in the chest and sinuses, but I'm not bad, and certainly not in the condition to require the ER.

Fires are either out or contained in the Ontario area, though I saw one update map that shows one more fire. The fires in the Devore area continue, but they don't appear to be anywhere close to Al's ranch in the Cajon Pass, so our horses there should be OK.

I have to wonder if our friends who live in Escondido are all right. Also, I once went to a weekend retreat near the top of Mount Palomar, and it looks like that area has been heavily worked over by fire. Heck, just a few weeks ago, I drove right through much of the area involved in the fire, and it seemed pretty suburban for most of the distance.

I wonder what the atmospheric effect of those smoke plumes will have on the Pacific Ocean? Once upon a time, scientists might have ignored such a question, but now, with chaos theory involved, stating that minor differences in starting conditions can have major effects on outcomes, I really have to wonder.

I could really dig a nice rainstorm, right about now, though it's unlikely we'll have one for months yet...