October 29th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Very busy day, yesterday.

We opened with a visit to the Claremont Farmers Market, where a variety of cheese, vegetables and fruit were gleaned. Followed that by a bagle.

Next, we spent some time covering up various items in the garage with protective coverings, as the roof of the house is going away, and we'll be having a new one put on; there will be dust and detritus.

We followed that, after a short rest, by going to visit my mother, eating some of her culinary creations, and then chatting for a time. Mom shifted to me a large amount of medically-related material that used to belong to my father, including his old medical bag. We then helped her figure out some of the prescription expenses, and gave her an outline of what to do in the next few days, checking up on procedures with her insurance company and local pharmacy.

Then it was off to Dungeonmaster to the final episode of this recent run, to be followed by a Guardian of the Flame adventure in a couple of weeks. There was much hilarity in the audience throughout the show, though the party was repeatedly beaten up by the monsters. Still, the panda puppet took the cake, as well as a trophy of thefreak's anatomy. Huzzah the party!

We followed that by a late dinner at House of Pies, where we encountered a birthday party in progress (sort of) for xora_reyn; I finally had to curtail our day's perambulations just before midnight.

Home to exhausted sleep.