November 25th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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We returned to LosCon yesterday for a day pass, and wandered about. I went to one panel, which had Harry Turtledove and David Gerrold on it. (mieaga, have Parker call me, I think he'd want to hear this). It wasn't bad, but there were supposed to be two more people on the panel, including Jerry Pournelle, and neither showed, and one of the no-shows was the moderator! I found some books that our local chain bookstores wouldn't carry, but the dealers room was pitiful. Were it not for friends that we hung out with, it would have been a complete waste. For dinner, we left the hotel, and ate at a Persian restaurant called Pars. Eh. Then, at one of the parties, they served small amounts of absinthe. Tastes like anise. We did see one young lady wearing a Darth Maul costume, self-made, that was spectacular. Then, home.

Laundry today. Maybe read, or watch some Sopranos.