December 9th, 2007

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Busy day yesterday.

I had to struggle to manage to get through my hospital rounds fast, due to the many other things we had to do yesterday. I did get home just about the right time to go.

I loaded up the truck, and off we went to my mother's place, where we helped her with some household repair work that my father could never do, and that she couldn't. She needs to make up a full list of necessary repairs, so we can load up a tool kit with everything we need, and then we can get it all done for her. Anyway, she was pleased.

Then, she drove us to my sister's house to have a family Hanukkah gathering, including both of my siblings, one spouse, and the nieces and nephew. I had a chance to spend a bit of quality time with each of the littles, while avoiding setting off any sisterly explosions. We ate, shared gifts, and then back to Mom's to pick up the truck.

Our final San Fernando Valley stop was at the home of axelicious and themodeinliz, where we joined in on the annual Yankee Swap. Very successful party; we added some wine and cheese and suchlike to the festivities. Our contributions to the gift pile led to us getting one of them back in the trading (the snowballer), while the other gift was a Spike action figure. The snowballer is being sent to someone in Vermont, who can actually make some use of it, I'd expect, while the action figure will disappear in a northerly direction. Watch your mailboxes, folks!

Home, then, with the intermittent irritation of the beeper going off.

Tired, this AM, but I'll be oncall for nearly eight more days yet... Ugh.