December 20th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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I get a lot of reading done while flying, thereby finishing two books in the last few days:

First was Quarterdeck by Julian Stockwin, a nautical adventure in the Napoleonic era; amusing, not as good as Patrick O'Brian's works, but pretty good.

The second was A Brood of Vipers, another book by Paul Doherty writing under Michael Clynes, which was a mystery set in the period of Henry VIII of England. Not bad, but a little formulaic.

I was out of town for two days for my uncle's funeral. My cousin and I flew out of Ontario airport via Salt Lake City to Minneapolis, and quickly stopped with the cousins. We spent the time interacting with our relatives at each of their homes. I had the pleasure of seeing some wildlife, including a rabbit, some squirrels, and a variety of birds not typically seen in California. The snow held lots of tracks as well.

The funeral was military; Uncle Bernie had a color guard and three volleys from seven rifles. It was damned cold out there, but we got through it OK. I couldn't stay long enough to sit shiva with family; as it was, my cousin and I nearly missed our connection on the flight home.

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