December 26th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday was a work day, but luckily, there weren't too many folks in the hospitals.

I returned home to the strange sight of a crowd in our corral. Finally, I noticed forestcats in the middle of it all, and relaxed.

We loaded up for a foray into the San Fernando Valley, and started off with an adventure. We prowled around the north end of the Valley, looking at the various horse trails there to find one that appeared safe enough to take my niece on. forestcats intends to trailer a couple of horses up there later this week, if weather permits, to take her out on trail; however, most of the trails look like they'd be better for donkeys, or even alpacas, and not skittish horses. We did find one that my wife found adequate, but it looks like we're either going to have Santa Ana winds, which will increase the horses' skittishness, or rain, which will make the whole deal rather uncomfortable. Hopefully, it'll all work out.

We stopped at my mother's place to pass on a book that forestcats produced to highlight our trip to Minnesota earlier this year, including a lot of old family photos in a new context. It looks great, and Mom loved it.

Then, to axelicious and themodeinliz's apartment for a Christmas dinner. Most folks brought a signature dish, while my wife baked four loaves of bread, and themodeinliz made the staple dishes. axelicious made an outstanding vegetarian lasagna, as well. Lots of conversation, some Wii play, hanging out. Lovely evening. Thanks, guys, for inviting us!

Then home to crash.