December 28th, 2007

Dead Dog Cat

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This weekend is going to be a bit hairy, as my workplace is about to move into a newly completed building. I expect a backache.

We have a guest with us, who brought us the opportunity to watch one of her favorite movies; we spent part of the evening watching Aeon Flux with her, a film that was ... adventurous enough, I suppose, though it had logic flaws that marred it for me. Nice set designs, though.

forestcats and I finished up watching a couple more Joan of Arcadia episodes, before going to bed, and they were pretty good, as we continue to watch the characters grow and change. Of course, there was one small bit where the father character seemed to have backed up in his wisdom to the days when he was just starting as a cop, and then the next episode he was the old campaigner; that was somewhat jarring.