January 5th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat


I managed to finish another book yesterday, this one being by Paul Doherty writing under the name of Michael Clynes. It's called The Gallows Murders, and is another in this series of mysteries set in the era of Henry VIII of England. Mildly predictable, but some interesting settings.

My wife, forestcats brought a "housewarming" gift to the new office, and passed it on to my associate (two loaves of challah with a tub of butter, a candle, a box of salt, and, instead of a bottle of wine, a package of Hershey's kisses). These are symbolic gifts, given in the Jewish religion at a new home: the bread is symbolic of receiving the necessities for life, the salt to remind us of tears to come, the wine (candy) to remind us that life is sweet, and the candle to light the way. forestcats added the butter to help with eating the bread. My associate was delighted, and, being Jewish, recognized the symbols for what they were intended. Very nicely done, sweetheart!

We had services at one of the homes of the Chavurah members, and braved the rather heavy rains. Wrecks on the freeway en route home, from folks who just can't conceive of slowing down when the weather changes.
Dead Dog Cat


I finished a Mike Resnick novel today, called Dragon America in which apparent dinosaurs or dragons lived in North America, and George Washington sends out Daniel Boone to find some of the largest and nastiest to help fight the Revolutionary War. Interesting concept, fair execution.